How to Prepare for your Infusion

What to expect when visiting a Restor Metabolix clinic

Before You Come

Morning Appointments

Target Glucose: 150 or higher

Eat a healthy, balanced breakfast before you arrive.

Take all medications as prescribed, EXCEPT take only 1/2 your normal dose of insulin.

Hold all oral diabetic medications and insulin the day of treatment.

Afternoon Appointments

Eat a healthy, balanced meal before you arrive.

The night before, take all medications as prescribed.

Take 1/2 your insulin dose on the morning of your treatment.

Take all other medications as prescribed.

Insulin Pump Users

Turn pump off two hours before treatment.

Do NOT eat breakfast if you have a morning treatment.

Turn pump back on immediately after treat is complete.

What to Eat Before You Come

Prior to a PIR infusion, it is advised to eat higher-protein meals/snacks. If a high amount of carbohydrates is consumed prior to treatment, blood glucose levels will affect the infusion. Consuming foods/snacks higher in protein will not cause extreme spikes in blood glucose levels. 

Approved Foods


  • Jerky (meat that has fat trimmed) typically 9g of protein per oz. 
  • Trail mix, combination of dried fruit and nuts 
  • Turkey (deli meat) roll ups, add low fat cheese & vegetables 
  • Greek yogurt parfait 
  • Vegetables and Greek yogurt dip (add ranch powder) 
  • Hard-boiled egg 
  • Cheese and nuts 
  • Tuna salad 
  • Peanut butter and celery sticks or apple slices 
  • Roasted chickpeas or hummus with vegetables 
  • Cottage cheese with fruit and nuts 
  • Protein shake with skim milk 
  • Protein bars


  • Chobani vanilla Greek yogurt: 16 g of carbs & 14g of protein per 3/4 cup serving 
  • Greek yogurt has a higher protein content compared to traditional yogurt due to the straining process 
  • 1 large egg: 6g of protein 
  • Idea: egg scramble with black beans, avocado, lime, and pico de gallo. 
  • Whole grain English muffins: 23g of carbs & 5g of protein 
  • add eggs and cheese for extra protein 
  • Cottage cheese: 5g of carbs & 12g of protein 
  • Breakfast burrito/tacos: eggs, beans, chorizo, cheese, avocado 
  • Egg sandwich with English muffin: eggs, cheese, turkey bacon or chicken sausage (these are lower in sodium and fat) 
  • Sausage egg casserole: sausage, onion, bell peppers, cheese, milk, eggs 
  • Egg bites/cups: add greens (spinach), tomato, bacon, cheese, eggs, and milk 
  • Protein bites: peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chips, can add protein powder


  • Tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad with toast or crackers 
  • Quesadilla, taco, burrito 
  • Use a lower carb tortillas, add meat, beans, and cheese 
  • Chicken Fried Rice 
  • Add egg to add extra protein, follow the serving size of rice 
  • Wrap with deli meat 
  • Chili with meat/chicken and beans 
  • Rice bowl with vegetables, eggs, chicken/meat, garbanzo beans 
  • Meat and non-starchy vegetables

Approved Fast Food



  • Egg McMuffin 
  • Sausage McMuffin w/ egg 
  • Sausage burrito 


  • Ask for the burgers or chicken sandwich without a bun 
  • Chicken nuggets 


  • Loaded breakfast burrito 


  • Ask for burgers without a bun 
  • Limit chicken tenders, the breading contains carbohydrates
Taco Bell


  • Cheesy toasted burrito bacon 
  • Cheesy toasted breakfast burrito 


  • Ask for “Fresco Style” 
  • Remove mayo-based sauces, cheese, sour-cream to reduce fat content, add freshly diced tomatoes 
  • Add beans to meals to increase protein content 
  • Monitor how many carbs through how many tortillas you eat
Burger King


  • Egg-normous burrito


  • Ask for a burger or chicken sandwich without a bun


  • Wake-up wrap 
  • Turkey sausage, egg and cheese on English muffin 
  • Egg and cheese on English muffin


  • Breakfast burrito 
  • Egg white grill 
  • Bacon/sausage, egg & cheese muffin 
  • Greek yogurt parfait 


  • Grilled or fried chicken sandwich 
  • Grilled or fried nuggets/tenders 
  • Greek yogurt parfait 

Rule of Thumb

Opt for no bun and grilled protein (when available). Avoid mayo-based and creamy sauces. You can find nutrition facts for fast food menus on their website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take my insurance?

We work with most insurance plans and, of course, Medicare. However, if we are not in-network on your plan, our insurance experts will assist you in determining coverage for your services. When we get your insurance information, we can review your policy and better answer the question.


What’s the first step?

The first step is to come in for a consultation, so we can review your specific situation and physical condition and help you understand how the treatment can help you individually.

What does the consultation consist of?

You will meet with a member of our medical staff who will review your medical history and physical condition and explain the treatment in more depth. This consultation is very important in creating your customized care plan. Typical consultations take 30 to 60 minutes. You may be asked to come prepared for blood work if your latest blood work is not up-to-date.

How often will I be taking treatments?

Everyone is different, so we rely on your individual and personalized care plan. At your consultation, our medical staff will determine your care plan and course of treatment. Care plans range from one three-hour weekly infusions to one two-hour infusion every six weeks.


Do I Need To Talk To My Doctor First?

We do not require a referral or approval from your doctor; however, please note that we are not a replacement for your doctor. Instead, we prefer to work with your doctor to co-manage your individualized care plan including treatment, testing, and clinical results.

Because this is a relatively new modality and most doctors use insulin as a drug versus a hormone, your doctor may or may not be fully aware of this patented treatment protocol. We would be more than happy to schedule a peer-to-peer review at your doctor’s convenience with our medical director. Please feel free to have your doctor review this information and contact us with any questions.

No Insurance?

Ask about cash plans and patient financing. We’d love to help!


About Nicholas

For the last 10 years, Nicholas Reiter has been working with companies, both large and small, to create and implement systems, processes and training modules throughout their organizations in order to eliminate redundancy and inefficiencies within their companies. Prior to opening his own consulting company, he spent 2 years working with a large construction company that specialized in the building and development (and training) of restaurant franchises. While there, Nick worked as a project manager and other facets of the organization where he was able to fine tune his interpersonal and problem solving skills. He was able to perform macro strategy building while bridging the communication gaps between contractors, laborers and other project managers to create a more efficient process resulting in achieving goals and staying on track with deadlines.

In 2016, he created his own consulting company where he began working with a local hospitals to improve efficiencies within order sets and pre/post-operative communication between staff and physicians, implement standardized order sets to reduce medical errors through communication inefficiencies, improve systemic flow, and create new processes that promote proper patient care techniques. As he continued to grow the company, he was selected to create professional development models, onboarding and training material for all new hires. He helped general contractors and franchises to create new operational efficiencies to lower costs, increase sales and successfully grow their businesses. It is through implementing new company leadership structure, company culture and collaboration skills that he was able to help reduce spending, raise productivity and improve customer satisfaction within each of his clients.

About Raleigh Williams

Raleigh Williams is the marketing coordinator for the Restor Metabolix corporate team. She graduated from Kennesaw State University in 2021 with a major in marketing and minors in sports and engagement marketing. While at Kennesaw State, Raleigh played on the softball team. She was named an All-America Scholar Athlete in 2018 and an Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholar in 2021. In college, Raleigh interned for the Minnesota Vikings in a public relations role for summer training camp. Raleigh began working for RMX in August of 2021, and has worked to grow the clinics’ social media pages, along with provide marketing support. In her free time, Raleigh is a volunteer coach for the Lovett High School softball team.

About Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey A. Smith was named President and CEO of One Direct Health Network, Inc. and T-Rex Investment, Inc. in April of 2017. Under his leadership, the company has more than doubled its revenues and were EBITDA positive in 2018.  The company is building out a post-operative care “Platform to improve patient outcomes, while reducing cost in the Workers Comp and VA arena.  Prior to accepting this position, he briefly acting as the Chairman of the Executive Committee of Amendia from June, 2016 to January, 2017. As Chairman, Jeff’s responsibilities include mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, and investing in new IP.  Mr. Smith held the title of Amendia CEO and Director for seven years. Under Jeff’s leadership, Amendia was recognized by multiple awards from Atlanta’s Best And Brightest Companies to Work For, 2016, Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Fast 40 Companies in Atlanta, 2012 and 2013, Deloitte’s Tech Fast 500, 2014 and 2015, and Georgia Manufacturers of the Year, 2014. Under his guidance, Amendia grew from $2.9 million in Revenue to over $82.5 million in seven years and was instrumental in spinning off a biologics company in 2012, Vivex Biomedical, Inc., that will have Revenues in excess of $65 million in 2019. He has held several board seats over the last 8 years which include such companies as Amendia, Inc., Vivex Biomedical, Inc., Valeris Medical, Inc., One Direct Healthcare Services, Inc., DSS, Funding, LLC, Phalanx Technologies, LLC and POE Management, LLC. He is currently acting as Chairman of United in Gaming, Inc. a new E-Sport Gaming Platform “” with a focus on the casual gamers.


Before Amendia, Mr. Smith held an Executive Vice President position at Synovus Securities, Inc., which is affiliated with Synovus Financial Corporation (Ticker Symbol on NYSE – SNV), a $30 billion financial institution. Mr. Smith was also a Senior Vice President at Morgan Keegan, Inc., which was owned by the $80 billion Regions Bank (Ticker Symbol on NYSE -RF). His experience included managing the Investment Portfolio, Funding Solutions and interest rate risk in the balance sheets of small to mid-sized financial institutions throughout the U.S. as well as sitting on Synovus Financial Corporation’s Asset/Liability Committee, which oversaw the funding of the balance sheet and the management of their $3 billion fixed income portfolio. Before serving as CEO, Jeff advised over 30 community banks with total fixed income portfolio assets of more than $1.5 billion and provided investment banking services to community banks and their clients. In addition, he has an extensive background in providing alternative funding solutions for small to mid-sized companies and community bank clients throughout the Southeast.


Jeff is a graduate of the Georgia Banking School and the University of Georgia, where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a Major in Finance. Jeff has been married to Amy for 32 years and they have two boys and a daughter-in-law. 

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